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    simulator Training

    Now you can experience the realistic simulation of high stress encounters in an immersive environment. 


    Whether it’s a home invasion, active shooter, burglary, physical assault or any possible threat to you or your family, our experienced law enforcement instructors will teach you how to identify a threat, deal with criminals, de-escalate a situation, and defend yourself. 


    We will tailor scenarios to your needs and level of experience.  When you purchase a package, we will set up a training program for you based on your unique situation.   


    If you would like us to bring the simulator to you, we can very easily set it up at your home or office and even consult with you to make your specific environment a safer place.   Our instructors are current or retired police officers, many of whom are from LAPD and other SWAT teams.


    • How to recognize a potential threat in your home, your car, work, school or anywhere in public.

    • How to react to that threat immediately, effectively and legally.

    • How to protect yourself and your family regardless of whether or not you have a firearm, pepper spray or just your wits. 

    • How to properly and effectively articulate your decision to use force so you can avoid the common pitfalls that burden civilians and Law Enforcement alike after a shooting.  We like to say "the real work begins after the last shot is fired."


    Our simulator is a professional high-tech interactive training system that provides students the ability to address life threatening situations in a multitude of ways and then fully debrief the results of their actions.  With over 800 scenarios, our instructors will tailor them based on the learning objectives of the lesson as well as students unique needs. From the years of experience our staff has teaching on simulators, we have developed a comprehensive training curriculum in-house using the simulator as the primary tool.  Our simulator training teaches students situational awareness, tactics, communication, de-escalation, use of force options (think using a bat vs pepper spray vs your fists) and when necessitated, the application of deadly force.  This system allows a realistic immersive experience and a “branching” capability where the instructor can dictate whether a suspect will be compliant or non-compliant towards you - meaning there are countless potential outcomes for each scenario. Our simulator is of the highest quality as it was originally designed for the government, military and law enforcement.  We have taken the tool and created a program so now civilians can finally receive this potentially life saving training.  Even if you have never shot a gun before, the simulator provides a virtual range where our instructors will teach the fundamentals of shooting. There is no live ammunition involved, but the student uses a real handgun (with either recoil or non-recoil capabilities – we have both options available). The dedicated simulator firearms use lasers to interact with the computer-based equipment for the scenarios.  A student facing camera records your tactics and verbalization with the suspect(s). The system records shot placement, reactive time lapse and whether or not the shots fired incapacitated the suspect. Following each scenario instructors will provide a thorough debrief to discuss how a student performed as well as what the student experienced that drove their decisions.


    • Over 800 full HD scenarios with branching options that allow the instructor to drive the scenario in many directions based on the student's decisions/actions.

    • Uses genuine Glock pistols that recoil - these pistols are retrofitted with lasers for the training and are not capable of firing live ammunition.

    • The Glock pistols are set up so that both iron sights and red dot sights are available for use.

    • Pepper spray is an available option during the scenarios (the pepper spray has a laser in it, no actual pepper spray is dispensed).

    • Students can use a flashlight during scenarios to train in low-light (night time).

    • A student facing camera provides valuable feedback about the students actions and communication that took place during a scenario (the camera is only for use during the debrief session, absolutely no recordings are saved - they auto delete after the scenario).


    Our team

    Our team is made up of subject matter experts that bring years of experience and unique insights to our training. They are not just operators, they are passionate about teaching.

    Jordan Lee bio photo.jpg

    Scott Reitz

    & lead instructor

    • 30 years Law Enforcement (LAPD SWAT Ret.)

    • 15 years as Primary Instructor for all advanced LAPD in-service firearms and tactics

    • Federal and Superior Court qualified expert in Use of Force, training, safety and police tactics

    • Author of The Art of Modern Gunfighting

    Jordan Weiss

    director of training
    & instructor

    • 12 years as a firearms and tactics instructor with ITTS, Inc.

    • NRA certified instructor

    • CA DOJ certified instructor

    • ALICE certified Active Shooter instructor

    • CA CCW certified instructor and CCW permit holder

    • Certified Glock Armorer

    Joe Cupo


    • 30 years Law Enforcement

    • 23 years with SWAT

    • Currently a Sergeant

    • Firearms and tactics Instructor including active shooter training, less lethal training, force option simulator training, and force on force training

    • Officer in Charge of Department and SWAT Firearms Training  

    Jordan Lee

    instructor &
    Sim Curriculum

    • 11 years Law Enforcement

    • Currently a Detective

    • Department firearms, tactics, arrest and control, and use of force instructor

    • Is a peer member on police use of deadly force review boards

    • Previously worked a violent crime specialized unit where his team conducted crime suppression, tactical warrant service, surveillance, and long term investigations

    OUR Services

    Everything we offer is meant to help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe when there is no one else to turn to!

    The following services are provided by our parent company, International Tactical Training Seminars,

    at our private outdoor shooting range in Sylmar, CA:

    • Live-Fire Training

    • Active Shooter Response

    All other services listed below are provided by INTACT Training Solutions and will be conducted at our private indoor training facility in Brentwood, CA.


    “I couldn't believe how fast things happen.  I definitely think these decision making skills learned on the simulator must be practiced numerous times.”

    Matt C.


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