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Custom Fit Filtered ear plugs

We are dedicated to providing the very best in custom fit earplugs, music monitors and electric earplugs!

Get custom fit earplugs

in 60 minutes!


ABOUT the earplugs

Filtered earplugs are custom made earplugs that use an acoustic filter (Hocks Noise Breaker) which allows the user to hear 80 decibels of sound while still getting an average of 23-25 decibel noise reduction rating. Filtered earplugs also allow airflow to pass through the ear canal which eliminates the occlusion or “plugged up” feeling. The filters are passive meaning they are always active and DO NOT require batteries.  Insta-Mold Medical grade silicone is used.

  • 22-24 decibel noise reduction rating

  • 80 decibels of ambient sound

  • 1 year warranty, average lifespan 5-8 years

  • The most comfortable earplug available

Color choices vary, you can mix two colors for a marble swirl look or go with one solid color. Each set has the option of a lanyard with a red lanyard handle on the right ear and a blue lanyard handle on the left ear. You can choose a flush finish. Each set come with a carrying case that you can personalize.

HOW to schedule a fitting

We will be providing fittings at our West Los Angeles training facility a couple of times each month.

You'll be in and out in under an hour with custom fit earplugs! If you don't want to wait for your ear plugs to get finished up on the spot then you can take off and either pick them up at a later time or we can drop them in the mail for you.   The fittings themselves only take about 10 minutes.

Click the button below to view the upcoming availability for your fitting:

(We will be adding more dates to the calendar soon)

“I have never been able to wear in-ear earplugs, they would fall out and wouldn’t work. Flashbang custom filtered earplugs fit perfect, provide the best protection and allow me to hear while I instruct firearms training."

C. Chu


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