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Who we are

INTACT Training Solutions, LLC was formed as a subsidiary of International Tactical Training Seminars, Inc. (ITTS).  ITTS is a Los Angeles based firearms and tactics school that was co-founded in 1990 by CEO Brett McQueen and Head Instructor Scott Reitz.  Learn more about ITTS here.


INTACT was created in an effort to provide the highest level of personal safety training to those who seek to be able to defend themselves and their families, which is a critical and underserved skillset.  We built a robust program around our interactive Force Option Simulator (FOS) as it is a powerful and unique tool in it's ability to put students into real life threatening situations that they have to resolve effectively and legally.

While our simulator is an incredible tool and our Use of Force curriculum is truly one of a kind, we believe it is the quality of our instructors, lead by Scott Reitz (LAPD SWAT Ret.), that sets us apart.  Our instructors have decades of experience teaching firearms and tactics as well as the legal, ethical and justified Use of ForceThey all share a passion for teaching this important subject matter and they each bring their unique background and insights into our training. 

Our team

OUR CLients

Our training is designed for everyone, regardless of prior experience and whether it's a single individual, a family, group of friends, or any size organization.  Examples of some of the companies we have trained include:

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“The best experience you can have. They really take the time to help you. And they will work with you no matter what level of experience you have."

Alexa A.

Mother of 3

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